Rody - History

History of Rody
    The history of Rody - The Rody character was born in 1984 at Ledraplastic's, in Italy. Its rounded shape comes from the idea of "melting" together several balls of various sizes to get a nice character which could catch attention of children. It had to look active and friendly at the same time. A jumping horse was the result. At first we wanted to call this toy "Rodeo" but then, in order to avoid any possible problems with patents, etc, we decided to call it "RODY", which also sounded mode friendly to children. To give an idea of a possible fantastic setting for a story, it is possibile to refer to the Rhodos island and its Knights. The reason is the island name, Rhodos, which is very close to our Rody's name) and its history and location, between the Western and Eastern culture.